Cage Match: Rage vs. The Trust

  Welcome to the last installment of Cage Match for 2020.  We’ve pitted flop against cinematic flop to see how low Nic Cage’s career goes, and I’m here to say that it goes down further than you think. It’s surprising how many bad films Cage has done, most of which you’ve never even heard of. […]

Cage Match: Knowing vs. Between Worlds

Welcome to another installment of Cage Match, where we pit flop against cinematic flop to see how low Nic Cage’s career goes. Knowing (2009) Knowing is a film that, despite its title, mostly contains people who do not know what’s going on. Nic Cage plays an MIT astrophysicist who figures out that a message left in […]

Primal Fear (1996) Inside Richard Gere

It’s been a while, all. Thanks for standing by. The Unappreciated crew had Mardi Gras and things got out of hand. That’s right, half of us are based out of New Orleans: a city highly lauded and still under-appreciated. You wanna know what the French Revolution was like? Come check out the R-Bar on Lunigras. I […]

Slums of Beverly Hills (1998) – All the actors you like in one movie

Slums of Beverly Hills defies all easy categorization.  That’s probably why it has gone largely unappreciated until this point.  It’s smarter than your typical teenage comedy, deals with female sexuality more honestly than most American films, and so darkly funny that you aren’t quite sure if the awkwardness, self-loathing, and general strangeness of the characters […]